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Our People

Our tour leaders are experts in Viet Nam. They have travelled throughout Viet Nam many times. They will take you to places and give you experiences you will never forget. We care deeply about our guests and are dedicated to giving you a unique experience in Viet Nam.

Walter Pearson

Journalist, documentary-maker, fluent in Vietnamese language, expert in Vietnamese history culture and cuisine. Two-tour Viet Nam Veteran who searched for Australia’s MIAs, Walter lived in Viet Nam and he’s led tours there for a decade and a half. He interprets this unusual land like no one else. Walter says, “I do this because I sincerely want people to understand Viet Nam in all its complexity. ”

Dao Kim Trang

Poet, dreamer, loves his homeland, wants you to see the authentic Viet Nam. Since 1990, he’s toured on bikes and motorbikes and taken overseas tourists from one end of the country to the other. No-one knows the roads, regions, beauty, splendour and history of Viet Nam like Trang.

Jason Cowland

Company Director and Strategic Business advisor in property, Jason is a huge fan of Viet Nam. He has toured there many times with Walter Pearson. He was so impressed with Walter’s approach he started JCP Tours to bring these travel opportunities to a broader audience.