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Specialist Services

We have a number of specialist services built on our unique understanding of Viet Nam.

We will also give you general advice about travel in Viet Nam including information on communications, money and security.

Tailored Tours

If you have a special interest or a special group that want to see things that are bit out of the ordinary, we can help you.

Our vast knowledge of Viet Nam’s geography and our understanding of the possibilities the country offers will ensure you find what you are looking for.

Bring some friends together for a specialised tour, we can set it all up for you, whether you want history, culture, tennis or golf.

Film Crew Support and Advice

Walter worked in television and with TV crews over many years. Over time he has appeared episode of various television programs and assisted crews with shoots in Vietnam including Shine Productions, Australian Story, Who Do You Think You Are, Foreign Correspondent. He was also Assistant Producer on his own documentary Vietnam Minefield part of which was shot in Viet Nam.

This experience, combined with our geographic knowledge and cultural understanding means we can advise and assist you as well as setting up all your travel arrangements.